Affiliate Program

Olympus Labs is proud to announce its Affiliate Program. The Affiliate Program is open to everyone! Simply sign up as an affiliate and start earning cash today! Olympus Labs’s Affiliate Program allows affiliates to earn cash back on all sales generated by the affiliate’s followers / networking circle, while those that use the affiliate’s codes (as described below) can save up to 35% off items ordered through the  Olympus Labs website.

Affiliate Incentives:

1. All affiliates will get a 30% off code to share with their followers / networking circle. The code is applicable to all products on the Olympus Labs website.

2. All affiliates will get a 35% off code to share with their followers / networking circle. The code is only applicable to product subscriptions.

3. Affiliate’s will earn $5 on each item sold on the website if his or her followers use the affiliate’s referral link, regardless of if the user uses a coupon code or not.

4. Affiliate’s will earn $5 per month on each subscription item during the valid subscription period if his or her followers use the affiliate’s referral link to make a subscription.

*The coupon codes that affiliates get for item and subscription sales will serve as incentives for attracting sales. Customers do not need to use coupon codes in order for the affiliate to earn commission. The Affiliate’s referral link will track total sales accumulated and will be fully trackable in our backend system.

How to sign up as an Affiliate:

1. Sign up to become an Affiliate.

2. You will automatically be emailed complete login information. Be sure to check spam folder if you do not get an email within five minutes.

3. Once logged in you will be able to see your affiliate link, use this link when advertising in order to start earning commissions on all sales generated.

3. We will contact you within 24-48 hours to request more information in order for us to fully set up your affiliate account. You need to complete and return back the information before your first affiliate payout.

4. Once approved as an affiliate, you will be emailed and provided unique codes for advertising. These codes will allow your followers and networking circle to save money on all purchases made at Olympus Labs.

5. Track all sales and monitor your affiliate performance by logging in to your affiliate account.

6. All affiliate payouts will be handled on a monthly basis at the end of every month. See Step three for our terms and conditions for first affiliate payout.

*Affiliate’s networking circle / followers must use your unique referral link to purchase items from Olympus Labs in order for your sales and commissions to register on the backend.

*Affiliate’s networking circle / followers must enter the coupon codes that are designated to you in order to receive discounts and save money when shopping at the Olympus Labs website.

*Affiliate’s make $5 on EVERY item sold and affiliate’s followers / networking circle are eligible to save between 30-35% off when using the appropriate coupon codes.

*If the affiliate’s follower / networking circle subscribes to an Olympus Labs product, affiliate is granted $5 per month for each subscribed item, for the total duration of the subscription period.

*You do not need to return the information requested in step three until your first affiliate payout. We will need this information for our records before we issue your first affiliate payout.

*If a user is granted a refund or return on their purchase, affiliates account will be debited their commission earned on that sale.

*If a user ends their subscription the affiliate will stop receiving their commission towards that product

*Groupon Deals and Apparel are not eligible for the affiliate program.

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