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Ambassador/Athlete Program

Interested in joining the Demigod & Demigoddess Nation? Olympus Labs is both the hottest and fastest growing supplement company in the supplement market today because of its core values of innovation, integrity, value, and results! Do you believe in these same values? Then work with us as one of us today and help spread the movement!

Olympus Labs is proud to announce its Brand Ambassador and Athlete Program! The Program is open to everyone! Simply sign up as an ambassador or athlete to start representing your favorite brand and start earning cash today! The Program allows one to earn cash back on all sales generated by their followers / networking circle, while allowing their followers to save up to 30% off non-sale items ordered through the Olympus Labs website.


  • 1. All members will get a 30% off code to share with their followers / networking circle. The code is applicable to all non-sale items on the Olympus Labs website.
  • 2. Members will earn 15% off the total purchase made on the website after discounts.
  • 3. Dropbox access to all images, marketing and advertising materials
  • 4. Unique 35% off code for personal use.
  • 3. Members will get state of the art tracking, reports, and backend information to track their progress and earnings
  • 4. Qualified applicants may apply to receive or eventually earn a monthly base based off their following, engagement, or performance.
  • 5. Custom Rewards for High Performers / Converters such as performance bonuses, free swag, and free product for personal use.

*The coupon codes that members get for product sales will serve as incentives for attracting sales. Customers do not need to use coupon codes in order for the member to earn commission.

How to sign up as an Ambassador/Athlete:

  • 1. Fill out the form to become a Representative of the Demigod/Demigoddess Nation.
  • 2. Once approved as a member of the demigod nation, you will be emailed and provided your unique discount code for advertising.. This code will allow your followers and networking circle to save money on all purchases made at Olympus Labs.
  • 3. Track all sales and monitor your member performance by logging into your account.
  • 4. All member payouts will be handled on a monthly basis at the end of every month with the minimum payout needing to be $100.00 per payout.