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Against All Odds – I Will TR1UMPH


I have been very fortunate in that I have the privilege of working out in a gym with a lot of very strong people, including a lot of extremely strong women – women who understand that you can be strong and feminine and that no one else gets to dictate that but you. These are women who aren’t afraid to push themselves every day, because they have goals and they won’t allow anything to stand in their way. Does that sound familiar? Of course it does, you’re on this website. You want to be a Demigoddess, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. I realize that not everyone is lucky enough to have the kind of gym environment that I have, and when you’re on your own, it’s sometimes hard to find good sources of information. I started out in a much smaller gym, where I fumbled my way through a figure prep without a coach, and later began to learn to powerlift by talking to the powerlifter guys who trained there and studying YouTube videos posted by people like Layne Norton, Dan Green, and Ed Coan. But while it wasn’t until fairly recently that I had this incredible gym environment and the fantastic mentor who took me under her wing, the one thing that I’ve always had on my side was desire: desire to improve and be better than the lifter I was yesterday, as well as the desire to learn more about how to better myself, whether that’s through training, diet, or supplements.


I’ve noticed that there are many women who push their limits every day in the gym and have their diet on point, but who shy away from supplementation. Maybe someone told them that supplements are a waste of money. Maybe they’re afraid that supplements will give them androgenic side effects and make them “manly.” Or maybe they walked into their local supplement store and were overwhelmed by the choices, and just don’t understand which products are beneficial for their goals. Furthermore, when I do see women taking supplements, they’re often hesitant to use anything besides protein powder, a preworkout, and maybe BCAAs. Sometimes they’re even determined to stick with “women’s specific” supplements, many of which are underdosed because we’re told that women are smaller than men and therefore we don’t need as much. As a female powerlifter who wants to help other women (and men!) reach their potential, I’m here to dispel some of those myths, as well as help you to better understand some products that are both very effective and safe for women.


Today, I’d like to talk to you about Olympus Labs TR1UMPH. TR1UMPH is a natural anabolic and ergogenic supplement that can be used every day. Since it’s a natural supplement, there are no hormonal side effects, and it does not need to be cycled. Most people are familiar with creatine, which is present in TR1UMPH in the form of 2.5g creatine HCl. It is one of the most well-researched compounds, and has beneficial effects for power output1,2 and lean mass accrual.1 Betaine anhydrous (sometimes referred to as trimethylglycine) is another compound rapidly growing in popularity and that is contained in TR1UMPH, at a full dose of 2.5g. Betaine appears to improve body composition, power, and work capacity.3 TR1UMPH also includes 2g L-carnitine L-tartrate, which has benefits for recovery and reducing muscle damage from exercise.4,5 Another big draw to TR1UMPH is its inclusion of 15mg soy lecithin, which is standardized for phosphatides, including phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylserine, and phosphatidic acid. Soy lecithin may have benefits for athletic performance, including decreasing soreness,6 and may also reduce cholesterol (particularly LDL),7 and decrease stress by blunting cortisol.8 Glutamine is one of those compounds that people like to supplement, but what many don’t realize is that absorption is enhanced when taken in the presence of L-alanine.9 TR1UMPH includes both, utilizing 1g L-glutamine and 1.5g L-alanine. Rhodiola rosea, which is included at 100mg and standardized for salidroside, has positive effects on performance and the mitigation of fatigue.10,11 Capsaicin, included in TR1UMPH as 20mg stearoyl vanillylamide, has been shown to not only increase lipolysis, but also can aid with muscle protein synthesis.12,13 TR1UMPH also includes 150mg of ElevATP, a patented ingredient that elevates ATP to improve endurance.14,15 The last ingredient in TR1UMPH is 250mg AlphaSize, which is the patented version of alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine (alpha-GPC). AlphaSize can improve both focus16 and power output.17

You work hard in the gym and work hard with your diet. Don’t shortchange yourself by overlooking supplements, or by using products that pixie-dust doses of ingredients that are smaller than the doses used in research studies. Supplements may be a smaller piece of the puzzle than your training and diet, but if you’re pouring yourself into the gym, that extra edge is worth it. Become a Demigoddess!

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The 3 Kings Of Testosterone Boosting

Are K1NGS Born…Or Are They Made?

There are very few natural born K1NGS.  K1NGS wake up every day feeling like the Alpha they are: poised and ready to dominate the day. You have may had a day here and there where you felt this same power…a day at the top of your ‘game’, exuding confidence and control over every aspect of your life: work/school,  the gym, and most importantly the bedroom. For most, these types of days happen all too rarely, but what if I told you there was a way to obtain that “Alpha Male” feeling, like a K1NG, consistently? Olympus labs recognizes the importance male hormones play in confidence, virility, body composition, and even athleticism. On top of Mt. Olympus, the Demi-Gods toil endlessly, pouring over the latest research on ingredients proven to work in humans, experimenting with various formulas, and working day and night until perfection is achieved. The only problem with perfection is that it can be different for different people, especially when dealing with hormone optimization. Some respond to certain ingredients better than others. That’s why we decided not to rest on our laurels after creating TEST1FY, the most potent testosterone booster AND natural anabolic in the industry. Hundreds, if not thousands of people have already enjoyed the numerous benefits TEST1FY provides, from enhanced mood, to amped-up libido, to increased energy and confidence…but instead of saying “good enough”, we went back to drawing board and designed a brand new hormone optimizer: K1NG’S BLOOD. K1NG’S BLOOD was created with unique ingredients to primarily to serve as the premier option for an advanced post cycle therapy (PCT) supplement for total HPTA generation following the use of compounds that suppress natural testosterone production. While this was its primary purpose, K1NG’S BLOOD’s potency gives it extreme versatility. K1NG’S BLOOD can also be used as a natural hormone optimizer for those naturally looking for more Alpha days. Does One Size Truly Fit ALL? In the supplement industry, most companies offer you a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to hormone optimizing products, or as they’re often called, “test boosters”. They’ll toss in a hodge-podge of inexpensive ingredients, very rarely using patented extracts and studied doses, and they’ll then tell you that their product is the “best”. But…how can that be? Not only are most of the test-boosting formulas in this industry disappointingly underwhelming, but how can one single list of ingredients be labeled the “best” for every single person and purpose out there? We’re all different, with different metabolisms, different bodies, and different goals. When it comes to hormone optimizing products, you should have choices, with unique formulas that are targeted to specific goals. Furthermore, these choices should be of the highest quality, utilizing patented ingredients and scientifically-proven dosages. Olympus Labs knows this all too well. That’s why we have now formulated not one, not two, but three hormone optimizing products with unique formulas for various purposes. SUP3R PCT, TEST1FY, and our latest innovation: K1NG’S BLOOD. Stop limiting yourself to a “one-size-fits-all” product and experience the power of choice. In this guide for Demi-Gods, we will lay out some general guidelines explaining how we intend people to use these products. We will begin by separating usage scenarios into “enhanced” and “natural” use. Enhanced Use (PCT supplementation) Supplementing a SERM with a natural hormone optimizing product has several advantages including faster HPTA recovery and improved mood, libido, and energy while going through PCT. For this, Olympus offers two top-tier options. SUP3R PCT, our tried-and-true natural PCT supplement that people have been using successfully for years…and our newest option: K1NG’S BLOOD. K1NG’S BLOOD is the result of the latest research and development into natural hormone optimization. Amongst myriad other benefits, it will supercharge your recovery in PCT. Both are great choices, with K1NG’S BLOOD now being our best. Think of K1NG’S BLOOD as our premium option, and SUP3R PCT as our value option. Natural Use (Anytime supplementation) Supplementing with a hormone optimizing product while training naturally can make a big impact on your gains through enhanced anabolism as well as better, more intense workouts thanks to improved energy, elevated well-being, and increased sex drive. For this, Olympus offers two amazing options: TEST1FY and K1NG’S BLOOD. TEST1FY has a proven track record of helping mere mortals reach Demi-God status, including feeling alpha and confident, sleeping/recovering better, dealing with stress more effectively, and even boosting appetite: a telltale sign of increased anabolism. K1NG’S BLOOD is our newest innovation in this segment, and while it was primarily formulated as an advanced post cycle therapy (PCT) supplement, it’s versatile enough to act as a stand-alone test booster. Used in this manner, K1NG’S BLOOD will target similar overall goals as TEST1FY (a big boost in mood/energy/libido along with increased anabolism and recovery)…but will go about doing so with different ingredients. It is for this reason that we recommend users try BOTH products, to see which elicits the greatest effects for them, personally. Natural hormone-optimization products work best when used for at least 8 weeks, so this presents the perfect opportunity to try both and decide for yourself what the best product is for you. Finally, if you still can’t quite decide which product to start with…consider your goals. Are you looking to bulk, recomp, or cut? Owing to their unique ingredients, TEST1FY and K1NG’S BLOOD are uniquely well-suited to different goals. Thanks to the appetite boost  from Anacyclus Pyrethrum, those on the “bulking” side of the spectrum may wish to start with TEST1FY. And due to the improved lipid metabolism associated with ginger, (among many other benefits), those towards the cutting side of the spectrum may wish to start with K1NG’S BLOOD. Feel free to consult our handy chart below for suggestions on where to start. In conclusion: Olympus Labs understands that one product may not be right for every single individual on their journey to becoming a K1NG.  That’s why, when you’re looking for a hormone-optimizing product, we give you 3 choices, each using patented ingredients and scientifically-studied doses to ensure you get the most for your money. Olympus Labs: Innovation. Value. Results. Choice. Products: SUP3R PCT TEST1FY K1NGS BLOOD test1fy-vs-kb