Credit Card Authorization Form

Credit Card Authorization Form:

Domestic and International Credit Card Authorization Form in order to protect card members from identity theft , we may ask you to verify your identity for orders shipping to addresses different than the billing address and for all “larger” international/domestic orders.

Instances where we may ask you to fill out the credit authorization form:

-All Domestic US orders shipping to different addresses than the billing address on card.

-All larger International/Domestic Orders

In such an event we will request that you complete the credit card authorization form.

Please print and scan the completed form to [email protected]

You must include a front & back copy of your credit card with this form and a photo I.D. by either License or Passport.

For orders over $400 US dollars please fill out the form completely and scan back.

● Please fill out the form completely.

● Please make sure the front and back of your credit card is clear and legible.

● Please include a copy of your driver’s license, front and back, when instructed


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