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Q: Do I need to take my products with food or split the doses throughout the day?

A: It is always best to adhere to the label directions. If the label does not specifically state to take with meals or on an empty stomach, then either way is fine. Generally, advising to take with meals is done to prevent possible stomach irritation or to increase absorption/digestion. Empty stomach recommendations are also specified for absorption purposes. If split dosing is optimal or necessary it will be stated on the label.

Q: Do any of your products cause suppression?

A: No, Olympus Labs products are natural and do not cause shutdown or suppression of natural testosterone production or of the HPTA.  

Q:  I like to mega-dose supplements to get faster results. Is this bad? Will I make gains faster?

A:  Mega-dosing supplements can be risky in some circumstances, especially concerning stimulant containing products. There are also supplements that work based upon saturation so mega-dosing really won’t provide extra benefits or faster gains. Bottom Line: Building muscle takes time, and each of our supplements and dosing recommendations is based upon the dosages that we’ve found to be efficacious, safe, and providing value. We provide what we have deemed is the optimal dose of every ingredient we use for its intended purpose.

Q: Are Olympus Labs products safe for women? Can women use Olympus Labs' test boosters?

A: Yes, Olympus Labs products are natural, safe, and effective for women to use without risk of negative hormonal side-effects. We have many demigoddesses who enjoy using our pre-workouts, fat burners, and natural muscle builders to assist in reaching their strength and physique-related goals. Additionally, female athletes can even benefit from natural test boosters like TEST1FY and K1NGS BLOOD. While testosterone boosters will not act exactly the same way in women as in men, our test boosters still can be beneficial for women, aiding with things such as muscle fullness, natural wellness modulation, increased appetite (especially in the case of TEST1FY), sex drive, and general sense of well-being.

Q: What constitutes a good supplement stack?

A:  A good supplement stack should be synergistic (working for the same goals) and work on multiple pathways. For example, a fat burning stack should not contain two highly stimulating products in it. Each component of the stack should utilize a different mechanism of action to achieve the end goal of losing weight/fat (or whatever the athlete's goal is).

Q: Are there any products that should not be stacked together?

A:  It is important to carefully evaluate your daily stimulant intake and ensure that you do not stack too many stimulant-containing products. Additionally, some products contain overlapping ingredients or compounds that utilize a similar mechanism of action. These products are listed in the FAQ below, so if you have any questions about a specific product, please see the appropriate subsection of the FAQ. Beyond that, if you have any preexisting medical conditions, please consult with your doctor before taking any new type of supplement.

Q: I am an athlete; can I use your supplements?

A: All Olympus Labs products are natural. However, for tested athletes, especially if you are a WADA-tested athlete, please double check the product label versus your federation's prohibited substance list, and if there is any question, contact a WADA representative to make sure the product in question is allowed in your federation and free of substances banned by your organization's governing body.

Q: I have X medical condition. Is it safe to use Y supplement?

A: Please consult with your doctor before taking any new type of supplement if you have any existing medical conditions or are taking any medication, and do not use any Olympus Labs supplements if you are pregnant or nursing.


Q: My workouts have been lagging, and I need something to boost energy and focus. What should I use?

A: RE1GN is our hard-hitting, ultra-potent preworkout that is great for energy and focus. It includes a multi-ingredient stim blend, with caffeine, eria jarensis, j. regia, and the new STIM-X to wake you up, as well as a focus matrix with theacrine and KannaEase to give you tunnel vision for your workout. It is so potent that we highly recommend starting at one scoop, even for people experienced with preworkouts. After testing your tolerance, feel free to work up to two scoops.

Q: I live for the muscle pump, and want to get as pumped up as possible when I'm working out. What should I take?

A: While RE1GN is big on energy and focus, it is no slouch in the pump department either, with several compounds that will help you get pumped up,, like citrulline, agmatine, pomegranate extract, and Vaso-6. And just in case that's not enough, RE1GN can be stacked with EP1LOGUE, our combination natural muscle builder and pump product, which adds even more Vaso-6 plus (-)-epicatechin to the mix, which will truly take your pumps to the next level!

Q: What should I use before and during my workout in order to maximize my training?

A: For those truly looking to get the most out of their training, a preworkout stack of TR1UMPH + RE1GN is the way to go. TR1UMPH is a natural muscle builder that can be run year-round and contains a number of ergogenic aids for strength and muscle gain. TR1UMPH should be used 30-60 minutes prior to training. Then, our preworkout RE1GN can be stacked for intense energy, focus, and pump. RE1GN should be taken approximately 30 minutes before training.


If you're really looking to take your muscle building to the next level, EP1LOGUE or MASSACR3 can also be used before training. These are both combination natural muscle builder and pump products, and are best taken 30-45 minutes before training. EP1LOGUE utilizes (-)-epicatechin, the revolutionary muscle builder Urolithin B, and Vaso-6 for skin-splitting pumps. MASSACR3 also contains Urolithin B and Vaso-6, but replaces (-)-epi with laxogenin. For best results, only run one of these products at a time, run for 8-12 weeks, and take on an empty stomach.


During your workout, ENDUR3 is the best choice to not only keep you hydrated and give you the endurance to keep your intensity level up through long workouts, but it also increases muscle protein synthesis (MPS) through the synergistic combination of BCAAs and Velositol.


Q: What should I take to build mass and strength?

A: We offer several natural muscle builders that can aid in strength and muscle gain.


  • RE1GN: RE1GN is our hard-hitting preworkout, which focuses heavily on energy and focus while also targeting pump and endurance. RE1GN can help you push harder, dig deeper, and work out longer while training, which can help you make gains and build muscle and strength.

  • ENDUR3: ENDUR3 is our intra-workout BCAA product. However, ENDUR3 is much more than simply amino acids, as it also contains other compounds to increase endurance, increase muscle protein synthesis, and decrease muscle catabolism, and it can be used in and out of the gym.

  • TR1UMPH: TR1UMPH is our all-in-one natural muscle builder that can be run year-round, and contains several compounds that aid in mass building and strength. This can serve as the foundation for any stack, whether bulking, cutting, or recomping, though it is especially helpful for bulking as many people also report an appetite increase.

  • EP1LOGUE: EP1LOGUE is our natural muscle builder + pump product that can help to simultaneously increase muscle hypertrophy and prevent muscle breakdown, while also increasing blood flow and endurance.

  • MASSACR3: MASSACR3 is our other natural muscle builder + pump product. MASSACR3 is also a great option for people who want to take advantage of a product with muscle building and anti-catabolic properties, but who suffer from joint pain, as Laxogenin can be palliative for joints.

Q: What’s a good stack for bulking?

A: Before embarking on a supplement stack, it's always a good idea to layout a solid diet plan. During a bulking regimen you will have your calories above maintenance (i.e. calorie intake to maintain current body weight), and you can't expect supplements to offset a bad diet. With that being said, Olympus Labs supplements can help you maximize the food you are ingesting. Although a single supplement can provide great results, stacking multiple supplements can amplify your results if chosen wisely.


  • Lean & Mean Stack: Intended to put on lean muscle with minimal fat. Ideal for those who don't want to get too big.



  • Demigod Stack: Intended for significant increases in muscle mass. Ideal for those who really want to grow.


Q: Can natural muscle builders have side effects?

A: Yes, natural muscle builders can occasionally have side effects, but the likelihood and severity of negative side effects is very low to non-existent for most healthy adults. Generally, any side effects are of a benign nature, such as stomach irritation or slight joint aches. Often times these symptoms go away after the body adjusts to the supplement. As always, the best course of action is to try each supplement by itself before stacking so that you will know how your body tolerates each product.

Q: Can I stack EP1LOGUE and MASSACR3?

A: EP1LOGUE and MASSACR3 should not be stacked at full dose, as both contain a high dose of the muscle building ingredient Urolithin B. They can be run as one of the following:

  • 2 caps EP1LOGUE

  • 2 caps MASSACR3

  • 1 cap EP1LOGUE + 1 cap MASSACR3

Each of these options can be run for 8-12 weeks, at which point a four week break from both supplements is recommended before starting again. We do recommend running one at full dose (2 caps) first before stacking at half-dose (1 cap), since it will allow you to get a feel for the supplement and better prepare you to design your own stacks that will work best for your body in the future.

Q: How long can I run a natural muscle builder like EP1LOGUE or MASSACR3? How about a natural muscle builder like TR1UMPH?

A: EP1LOGUE and MASSACR3 can be run for 8-12 weeks, at which point you should come off for four weeks before starting again. We do recommend a minimum run of 8 weeks, as they truly begin to shine at around the 3 week point.


TR1UMPH can be run year-round. Additionally, since TR1UMPH contains several ingredients that work best with saturation, TR1UMPH will work better as you continue to use it.

Q: Do I need to take additional creatine with TR1UMPH?

A: No, all compounds in TR1UMPH are fully dosed and effective when taken according to label directions.


Q: What should I take to lower body-fat or lose weight?

A: We offer several fat burners that can be used to assist in weight loss. They break down into the basic categories of stimmed and non-stim. Please also keep in mind that all fat burners need to be used in conjunction with a diet tailored for weight loss for maximum effectiveness.



  • IGNIT3: IGNIT3 is our capsulated high-stimulant fat burner. It is our most comprehensive weight loss supplement and targets fat loss through five different pathways.

  • BLOODSHR3D: BLOODSHR3D is our powdered stimmed fat burner. It offers excellent energy and appetite suppression, as well as assisting with lipolysis. It is available in two versions: RAW Edition (which contains rauwolscine) and WAR Edition (rauwolscine-free).

  • RAUWOLSCINE: Standalone rauwolscine is part of our Essentials Series for athletes looking for it solo to help with appetite suppression and fat burning. Note that rauwolscine is already present in IGNIT3 and BLOODSHR3D RAW and should not be stacked with those products.



  • ASSASS1NATE: ASSASS1NATE is our non-stim all-in-one fat burner and glucose disposal agent. It acts on multiple pathways to increase metabolism and thermogenesis, as well as helping your body to shuttle carbs to muscle instead of fat, all without any stimulants.

  • SUP3R-SHRED: SUP3R-SHRED is our natural PPAR-Delta agonist, meaning SUP3R-SHRED will change your body's preferred fuel source from glucose to lipids to help shred body fat and increase endurance.

  • SUP3R-7: SUP3R-7 utilizes our S-SEDDS delivery system to improve the bioavailability of 7-Keto-DHEA. This can help to increase metabolism and decrease fat mass, and like our other fat burners, is non-hormonal.

  • FORSLEAN: Part of our Essential Series, FORSLEAN is 95% pure forskolin to help with improving body composition.

Q: What’s a good stack for cutting?

A: When stacking, it is best to only choose one stimmed fat burner, and that can be stacked with one or more non-stim burners according to preference. Alternately, a non-stim stack could be created with no stimulant products at all, for people who are especially sensitive to stimulants or who prefer not to use them, or for people who already have a stimmed preworkout that they particularly enjoy. Also, please remember that all of our burners should be used in conjunction with a diet that is tailored towards fat loss.


  • IGNIT3 Your Fat SHR3DDING: Ideal for those who are looking for a good bang-for-your buck fat-shredding stack.



  • Non-Stim Fat ASSASS1NATION: Non-stim stack for those who are sensitive to stimulants or who are using a separate stimmed preworkout.



  • Mt. Olympus Demigod Cutting Stack: Ideal for those who are looking for maximum fat loss and who also want the best energy and appetite suppression.



Please note that these are just sample stacks, and there are several other possible combinations that are effective for fat loss.

Q: Can I stack IGNIT3 and BLOODSHR3D RAW or WAR?

A: Please do not stack a full serving of IGNIT3 with a full serving of BLOODSHR3D RAW or BLOODSHR3D WAR, as you would  be consuming far more stimulants than would be healthy. For those who want the hard-hitting energy of BLOODSHR3D as a preworkout paired with the more comprehensive profile of IGNIT3, there is the option of taking a half-serving of BLOODSHR3D preworkout and a half-serving IGNIT3 spaced hours apart at another point in the day. However, for most people, we would recommend choosing one and using the full serving (split up as appropriate), as that is the best way to assure that you are getting full doses of each compound included in the product.


For more information on our fat burners and ideas on fat loss stacks, please see the questions above.

Q: Can I stack IGNIT3 or BLOODSHR3D with a pre-workout?

A: It is not recommended to stack IGNIT3, BLOODSHR3D RAW, or BLOODSHR3D WAR with a stimmed preworkout. However, IGNIT3 or BLOODSHR3D can be stacked with a non-stim preworkout, or with a non-stim all-in-one product like TR1UMPH. Additionally, IGNIT3 and BLOODSHR3D both provide an energy and focus boost and can be used in place of a stimmed preworkout.


For those with a higher stimulant tolerance, a half-serving of IGNIT3 or BLOODSHR3D may be used spaced several hours away from a stimmed preworkout. However, take care not to use either product too close to bedtime, as it may interfere with sleep.


Q: Can I stack test boosters like TEST1FY and K1NGS BLOOD together?

A: The short answer is yes, but we do not recommend this because stacking them would not necessarily have a cumulative 1+1=2 effect. There  is an upper limit to how much natural ingredients can boost total Testosterone levels. Additionally, the potential overlap of ingredients would exceed what we have deemed to be the most efficacious and cost-effective dosage to meet your goals.

Q: How long can I run a test booster like TEST1FY or K1NGS BLOOD?

A:  It is a very good rule of thumb to run any test booster for only 8-12 weeks, and to take an 8-12 week break after or switch to a supplement that works through a different mechanism of action.  Example: 8 weeks of K1NGS BLOOD followed by 8 weeks of TEST1FY, and then 8-12 weeks of OFF time.

Q: What is the difference between TEST1FY, K1NGS BLOOD, and SUP3R-PCT, and when are the best times to use each?

A:  In short, all 3 of these products are natural test boosters. TEST1FY has an amazing profile that is specifically formulated to increase appetite, lower SHBG, and increase free Testosterone levels. Therefore, if you are looking to bulk naturally, TEST1FY is a great choice for your stack. K1NGS BLOOD and SUP3R-PCT place less emphasis on lowering SHBG and focus much more on stimulation of HPTA production making them more suited to help recovery from suppression.  You will find that all 3 of these supplements provide a huge to boost to energy and libido.

Q: How are natural muscle builders useful?

A: Natural muscle builders are extremely useful for building muscles and breaking plateaus.  For example, Laxogenin is an ingredient shown to be beneficial for joint health/comfort, and (-)-Epicatechin has numerous benefits to overall health markers beyond its muscle building benefits. Our goal is to put cutting edge science into our products and only include ingredients which will provide positive results for our customers.

Q: What is better?  K1NGSGUARD or AR1MACARE PRO?

A: Both of these health optimizing products have excellent formulas with efficacious ingredients, clinical doses, and comprehensive profiles that protect your organs and health markers. K1NGSGUARD has a stronger profile when it comes to cardiovascular protection, blood pressure control, and liver fortification. It also has a unique immune system bolstering matrix, an anti-blood thickening matrix, and 4 premium patented ingredients. AR1MACARE PRO also has some very unique and significant protection matrices. The biggest is the Prolactin control matrix which rivals the top standalone OTC Prolactin control supplements on the market. Not to mention, it has top notch liver defense in the form of high doses N-Acetyl Cysteine and TUDCA. For estrogen modulation, it features two Aromatase Inhibiting compounds. In recap, we feel K1NGSGUARD provides the highest level of protection all year round.   So you now have two very comprehensive options to optimize your health with.


Q: How much TUDCA do I need on TOP of K1NGSGUARD & AR1MACARE PRO?

A:  K1NGSGUARD and AR1MACARE PRO provide plenty of protection. For extremely liver toxic cases it would be wise to add additional TUDCA up to 1000 mg daily. TUDCA is sold in bulk at a great value in our Essentials Line.

Q: What is the difference between K1NGS BLOOD and SUP3R-PCT?

A: Both of these supplements have top notch formulas that enhance natural testosterone product through multiple pathways. We feel that K1NGS BLOOD is the stronger of these two choices, as it contains 3 patented extracts with huge doses and clinical backing. K1NGS Blood is our most premium natural testosterone boosting product. SUP3R-PCT is a slightly cheaper option, but nearly as well-rounded.



Q: How can I get notifications for sales and promotions?

A: Navigate to the very bottom of the main page of our website ( and you will find a short form to sign up for our newsletter. If you are having difficulty please contact

Q: Is Olympus Labs on social media?

A: Yes! You can follow us at:

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes we do.  However, direct shipment from our warehouse may be costly for heavy orders or can cause issue with customs offices in some countries.  Therefore we strive to bring Olympus Labs supplements to retailers worldwide so you have more options.


US Retailers:

International Retailers:

Q: I am a retailer who would like to carry Olympus Labs products. What do I have to do to get your products in my store?

A: Please contact our director of sales, Alex Berrio (, 908-525-6958).

Q: Can I pick up my order?

A: Yes. If you are in the New Jersey area you can specify pick up when you place your order. Please email us at and we will contact you to arrange a date to pick up your order at our Edison, NJ office.

Q:  I want to help promote Olympus Labs, do you have a brand ambassador program?

A: Yes. We provide our fans with a personalized 30% coupon that they can share through in-person interaction or on social media.  

Q: How can I make product requests?

A: Olympus Labs is a company focused on the needs of the consumer so you want to hear from our customers.  Please send any product requests to