Even as the heroes of our own stories, some days we don’t want to hit the weight room as much. Olympus Labs pre-workouts not only wake you up and turn on your superhero mindset for the gym, but they optimize blood flow for pumps and provide key ingredients to prepare you for battle!

As our strongest pre-workout, I Am Suprem3 Black Magic will take care of all of your pre-workout needs or can even be utilized before any mental intensive tasks. With a well-rounded and innovative formula, it helps provide extreme energy, skin splitting pumps, increased endurance, and outstanding focus. Due to the flexible dosing, it can be loaded up before a grueling session or taken lightly for mental acuity!

Rocking one of the most aggressively comprehensive fat burning formulas, Bloodshr3d Black Magic totes 3 patented ingredients and boasts a 10.6 gram dose full of active ingredients. Starting with Acetyl L-Carnitine and Instaminos, Bloodshr3d makes sure fat is being used for energy and not being stored, as well as protecting muscle tissue during fat loss. By adding in a potent stimulant blend thermogenesis will ignite. Users will experience cortisol control to lower appetite and minimize stress associated fat gains.