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Carried in 1000+ locations in the US and distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide, Olympus Labs is ready to join forces with your store or distribution chain today! As a growing millennial brand you can expect marketing support and strict MAP pricing integrity. We're constantly seeking new benefits for our retailers like our pre-approved net 30 terms and trendy swag with our universally attractive branding. We assure you the following:

  • Universally Attractive Branding

  • Industry High Customer Retention Rates

  • High Profit Margins

  • Family-First Customer Service Mentality

  • Swag & Sample Support

  • Zero Tolerance MAP Enforcement & Protection

  • Net 30/60 Pre-Approved

  • Strategic Partnership Possibilities

What Our Partners Say About Us

Natural Body Inc

"They have been AMAZING when it comes to the following:
1-creating a mutually beneficial Brand to Retailer relationship for the short and long term;
2-creating excellent and innovative formulas that solve problems and create results;
3-driving their own audience to our stores and website.
They’ve done so much for our company and we reciprocated by making them a priority for the here, the now, and the future."

Complete Nutrition

"Each product comes not only dosed correctly but also is accompanied with different literature that informs the consumer exactly what each ingredient is used for and why it’s beneficial. Each member of the staff takes great care in ensuring each customer is helped in any way needed. Olympus Labs has grown to be our favorite product in the store and our most popular and fastest growing. No other company uses such high-quality ingredients."


"Olympus Labs have been ideal partners for us over the last 6 years and I would recommend them without hesitation. Their branding is eye-catching; their product development & innovation second to none; and they offer a personal service that is friendly, efficient and forward-thinking. Thanks to an ever-evolving approach to the industry, we've found Olympus is always at the forefront of customers minds, helping the brand become our No. 1 seller throughout the whole of Europe."

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