AR1MACARE PRO (Pay as you go)

AR1MACARE PRO (Pay as you go)
AR1MACARE PRO (Pay as you go)
AR1MACARE PRO (Pay as you go)
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Ask the Expert Team
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At a Glance


Multivitamins are a daily staple of most health conscious individuals who are looking for a targeted source of essential vitamins and minerals to meet their daily intake requirements as food these days alone isn't cutting it.

Great, we have our vitamin and mineral intake now covered but what’s next? A LOT. Through herbal supplementation we can also protect the body and safeguard it for both immediate and long term purposes to boost a wide range of health biomarkers.

Enter, AR1MACARE PRO, the ultimate all in one health booster created by the experts at Olympus Labs. This supplement was designed to improve critical organ function, heart health, liver health, cardiovascular performance, kidney health, blood pressure, cholesterol, and balance hormone levels in both men and women.

It is packed with with a wide range of ingredients to make sure you are protecting your body both in the short run and the long term and is our "multivitamin" for the health conscious individual who is looking beyond vitamin and mineral intake for longevity and overall health.


  • Everyday Use With Food

  • On or Off Cycle

  • 4 Capsules 2x a Day


  • People looking for an everyday boost

  • Athletes On-Cycle

  • Health-Conscious Individuals

  • Female

  • Male


  • Most Comprehensive All-in-One health booster on the market*
  • Safe for men and women, athletes or non-athletes*
  • Boost metabolism and balance hormones*
  • Improve critical organ function*
  • Promote better cholesterol and blood pressure*

What Makes us Superior?

AR1MACARE PRO doesn't use just 1 or 2 key ingredients but a bucket list full of key ingredients including TUDCA for liver health, ELIMISTANE Luteolin for hormone balance, cholesterol, and metabolism. NAC & Milk Thistle Extract for further liver protection, and several others targeted at giving you the most multifaceted overall health support supplement on the market at the best value!

This is the only health support supplement designed for both men and women in mind, and consists of entirely safe and all natural ingredients which can be used all year round at boosting health in the immediate and long term sense. Let the "pros" protect you with AR1MACARE PRO.

How To Use

“When is the BEST time to take it?”

4 Caps 2x A Day
Breakfast / Dinner

With Meals

It’s best to take AR1MACARE PRO with meals to make sure the nutrients included are absorbed effectively.

First Thing in the Morning

Every Hero needs to start their day off and by taking AR1MACARE PRO first thing in the morning, they're bound to start their day off right!

Before Bed

Every Hero needs to make sure that safeguarding their health before their sleep is of an upmost priority so we suggest taking the last dose of AR1MACARE PRO before you enter sleep!


Can I use AR1MACARE PRO all year round?

AR1MACARE PRO is an all natural supplement designed for men and women, and can be used all year round for maximum health uptake.

Do I need to use a full serving of 8 caps of AR1MACARE PRO?

No. Users can use anywhere between half a serving (4 caps) to a full serving (8 caps) Squeezing this much greatness requires a greater serving size, but the great thing is that users can break the caps and mix the powder with their favorite beverage.


Absolutely. Since both products contain the trademarked ingredient Elimistane, we suggest using 2 caps of ELIM1NATE ONLY if stacking with a full serving of AR1MACARE PRO.

Is AR1MACARE PRO suitable for drug tested athletes?

The banned substance list is updated regularly and we cannot guarantee certain ingredients won’t return a false positive test. We recommend checking with your governing body before using AR1MACARE PRO. Please refer to the governing body of your sport before intaking AR1MACARE PRO if you are a drug tested athlete as each committee has their own criterion and rules to be followed.

Can I take more than a full serving?

NO. AR1MACARE PRO was designed to give you 30 days of maximum health protection so we do not recommend exceeding the max dosage of 8 capsules in any given 24 hour period of time.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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