ASSASS1NATE (Pay as you go)

ASSASS1NATE (Pay as you go)
ASSASS1NATE (Pay as you go)
ASSASS1NATE (Pay as you go)
ASSASS1NATE (Pay as you go)
ASSASS1NATE (Pay as you go)
ASSASS1NATE (Pay as you go)
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At a Glance


FACT: The majority of “fat burners” on the market today have NOTHING TO DO with fat burning!

For decades companies have relied on overloading powerful stimulants to increase productivity, or crush your appetite, robbing your body of the nutrients it needs to remain healthy. These are the dangerous ways companies have been promoting “fat burning,” but we have a solution to this problem.

Enter: ASSASS1NATE which is the most unique fat burning product on the market. With each dosage you will be taking in natural ingredients used for controlling hunger, improving digestion, increasing metabolism, and prevention of fat storage.


  • Daily

  • With Meals

  • Doesn't Need to be Cycled


  • Men

  • Women

  • Those looking to lose weight

  • Those looking to control appetite

  • Those looking to improve indigestion


  • Stimulant Free/No Jitters
  • Natural Ingredients
  • *No Crashing Appetite
  • Flexible dosages

What Makes us Superior?

Rather than pump you full of stimulants that can have adverse side effects, ASSASS1NATE is a completely STIM FREE fat burning product that also acts as a Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA). Being stimulant-free, you can use ASSASS1NATE with any meal, day or night, and is safe to use every day. You won’t experience any heart pounding, sweating, jittery side effects either.

By controlling appetite (without crushing it), but more importantly utilizing the food that you do ingest properly, ASSASS1NATE will help you use that food for fuel, instead of storage meanwhile boosting metabolism and fat loss.

Utilizing the food taken in properly, is key in controlling hunger. Think of it as an efficiency system for food digestion and the better your food is digested, the fuller you will feel, and the more nutrients you will absorb. So, you see, it doesn’t stop you from eating, rather gives you more benefit from what you take in.

How To Use

“When is the BEST time to take it?”

ASSASS1NATE is designed to be taken before meals to properly utilize the food you are ready to eat. The formula is a 4-capsule serving which can be used flexibly, depending on your food intake.

If you eat smaller meals throughout the day, you may choose to take 1 capsule before each of the 4 meals you choose, or you may increase the capsules to counteract any intense cheat meals or food intake. Again, since there are no stimulants, you can be free to take ASSASS1NATE whenever is needed as long as you stay within the 4 capsule per day serving size.

However, its not the ONLY time you can utilize ASSASS1NATE,

Here are a few different scenarios:


Many people have their largest meal first thing in the morning, to make sure they have the calories needed to fuel their day. This is a great time to include ASSASS1NATE to kickstart fat burning for the day.

Post Workout

After your workout, your body is starving for nutrients. Many athletes will refuel with large amounts of proteins and carbs! This is another effective timing for ASSASS1NATE to inhibit fat storage and facilitate usage of carbohydrates.

Before Bed

For busy individuals who are on the go all day, it may be easiest to eat most at night. This is great since the body recovers while you sleep. ASSASS1NATE can be taken before bed, optimizing fat burning while you sleep since it is stimulant-free!


Can I stack ASSASS1NATE with a stimmed fat burner, like IGNIT3?

Yes! ASSASS1NATE is a dual non-stim fat burner + GDA, and stacks very well with IGNIT3.

Can ASSASS1NATE be used during recomposition or a lean bulk? Or only while cutting?

While cutting is the most common time to use ASSASS1NATE, it also works very well for fat loss during recomp or mitigating fat gain during a bulk.

What makes ASSASS1NATE different to all non-stim fat loss supplements?

The combination of a very unique formula and the GDA effects of ASSASS1NATE are the two main reasons why it is so different to anything else on the market and also why it is such an effective product.

What does ASSASS1NATE do as a GDA?

GDA’s or Glucose Disposal Agents act in the same way that insulin acts within the body. Shuttling nutrients, in particular glucose, into the muscle cells and therefore putting it to use in the body more efficiently and effectively.

Is ASSASS1NATE suitable for drug tested athletes?

The banned substance list is updated regularly and we cannot guarantee certain ingredients won’t return a false positive test. We recommend checking with your governing body before using ASSASS1NATE.

Can I have too much ASSASS1NATE?

Yes, you can. We recommend no more than 1 serving (4 caps) per day. We always suggest starting with ½ a serve and building up from there.



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