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Ask the Expert Team
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At a Glance


FACT: Did you know that most fat burners on the market have nothing to do with actually burning fat?

Most “fat burners” are simply excessive amounts of caffeine or appetite suppressing ingredients, so actual fat burning is a myth and a side effect at best. Sometimes the caffeine works because you are using more energy, sometimes appetite suppressing works because you aren’t eating.

To further that issue, most fat burners contain a confusing amount of undisclosed ingredients that leave people completely puzzled.

IGNIT3 scraps all of this and provides a multi-faceted approach to fat burning, attacking it from multiple angles and addressing actual FAT BURNING! It is also a completely transparent formula that utilizes scientific-backed ingredients and several patented forms that have undergone even more testing.


  • Pre-Workout

  • Intra-Workout

  • Sport Break-time

  • Fasted Exercise

  • Before Bed

  • Intensive Tasks


  • Beginners

  • Athlete

  • Those with excess fat

  • People who work long hours

  • Male

  • Female


Fat Loss:

  • Caffeine has been shown to suppress appetite and increase energy expenditure
  • Gynostemma stimulates fat oxidation and reduce blood glucose levels
  • Aframomum and ginger turn stored fat into usable energy

Prevent New Fat:

  • Olive leaf has been shown to stop fat cell production and create body heat for burning fat
  • Sesamol reduced inflammation and breaks down fat for energy

Mood and Focus:

  • Dynamine™ is a fast-acting mood and energy booster without the side effects of caffeine
  • TeaCrine® is a slower acting mood and energy booster meant to balance Dynamine™

What Makes us Superior?

IGNIT3 is hands-down the most comprehensive fat burning formula on the market. It attacks fat in several proven ways but utilizing natural extracts instead of intense stimulants and appetite suppressants.

It uplifts mood and focus which leads to more energy and productivity. It burns stored fat by “browning” white fat cells into usable fat for energy. Furthermore, it actually prevents the body from amassing new fat stores and derailing your progress.

The formula is 100% transparent and all dosages are specifically added for maximum effect.

One of the issues with other fat burning products is the excessive amounts of caffeine and stimulants. This can make for some nasty side effects, sleeplessness, irritability, and becomes difficult to fit in every day. IGNIT3 addresses this by using a low dose of caffeine and adding smooth energy sources like Dynamine™ and TeaCrine®.

How To Use

“When is the BEST time to take it?”

One of the most unique qualities about IGNIT3 is flexibility. By using an adjustable dose with low amounts of caffeine, it’s safe to use daily, by men and women up to twice per day. If you just need a small boost you can easily take one capsule, and the full two capsules will only give you 150mg of caffeine which is the threshold when caffeine begins to float into the negative side effect area.


IGNIT3 is perfect for providing energy and extra fat burning before an intense workout, without making you jittery.


The smooth energy and focus are perfect for those that experience long days and need to maintain focus without that horrible stim feeling. It leaves you focused and energized while maintaining control. By combining Dynamine™ and TeaCrine®, we have lengthened the peak times of this state.


Gamers will find the focus blend especially helpful for a boost of energy that lasts for hours.


Can I stack IGNIT3 with a preworkout?

Due to ignit3 having 150mg of caffeine per 2 capsules the max recommended dose we suggest you to stack with IGNIT3 is 1 serving of Levels which is 1 scoop. You can also stack it with NO MERCY, our non stimulant pre-workout since that does not contain caffeine.

Will IGNIT3 give me jitters?

IGNIT3 contains NO ingredients that will cause jitters. We specifically formulated this product to not provide any jitters so we could focus in on fat loss and optimal energy uplift.

What other products can I stack with IGNIT3?

You can stack ASSASS1NATE our non stimulant fat burner for added fat loss or the essentials of ForsLean and or 1 serving of Blood Sweat & Tears which is 1 scoop.



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