K1NGS BLOOD (Pay as you go)

K1NGS BLOOD (Pay as you go)
K1NGS BLOOD (Pay as you go)
K1NGS BLOOD (Pay as you go)
K1NGS BLOOD (Pay as you go)
K1NGS BLOOD (Pay as you go)
K1NGS BLOOD (Pay as you go)
K1NGS BLOOD (Pay as you go)
K1NGS BLOOD (Pay as you go)
K1NGS BLOOD (Pay as you go)
K1NGS BLOOD (Pay as you go)
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At a Glance


FACT: As men get older, our testosterone dips, our libido lags, and we lose that overall “alpha” feeling of our youth.

We can turn back the clock and restore the balance of our youth with K1NGS BLOOD, the revolutionary testosterone and libido boosting product that will have you feeling energetic again, while building muscle mass and increasing sex drive!

By including specific ingredients like KSM 66®, PrimaVie®, and ginger, that have been proven to increase testosterone, you will increase energy, strength, muscle, endurance, and overall mood and health. K1NGS BLOOD also increases blood flow with ingredients like osthole to increase vascularity and vasodilation. Finally, we help maintain that healthy hormone balance by metabolizing estrogen with Indole-3-Carbinol and Royal Jelly to make sure this doesn’t affect your testosterone levels.


  • Take with the two largest meals of the day

  • 8-12 week cycle followed by 4 weeks off


  • Those looking to boost testosterone

  • Athletes and Non-Atheletes

  • Looking to improve libido

  • Men over 18


  • Boosts Free and Total Testosterone
  • Reduced Cortisol
  • Metabolizes Estrogen
  • Indole-3-Carbinol
  • Increases Libido

What Makes us Superior?

Most testosterone products on the market contain small doses of a few ingredients that only address one area. K1NGS BLOOD includes clinically proven dosages of multiple ingredients to make sure that each area is addressed in several ways. This ensures that these mechanisms will be effective, and we never have to rely on just one ingredient, or one pathway.

For example: yes of course we include ingredients proven to boost both free and total testosterone levels, but that’s only the first step. We must also help keep estrogen and cortisol from throwing that balance out of whack. We also want to ensure proper blood flow and libido, so we include multiple ingredients that have been proven to address those needs as well!

How To Use

“When is the BEST time to take it?”

K1NGS BLOOD is best taken with the largest meal of the day, so that all the nutrients can be effectively absorbed. It can be taken by men or women!


Many people have their largest meal first thing in the morning to make sure they have the calories needed to fuel their day. This is a great time to include K1NGS BLOOD.

Post Workout

After your workout, your body is starving for nutrients. Many athletes will refuel with large amounts of proteins and carbs! This is another effective timing for K1NGS BLOOD.

Before Bed

For busy individuals who are on the go all day, it may be easiest to eat most at night. This is great since the body recovers while you sleep. K1NGS BLOOD can be taken before bed, optimizing hormone production over night.


What is the difference between SUP3R-PCT, TEST1FY, and K1NGS BLOOD?

SUP3R PCT was designed to help normalize and recover testosterone levels from periods of stress and decline. It will help aid in getting your normal levels kickstarted again. TEST1FY was designed to be a dual functioned testosterone booster and muscle builder. K1NGS blood is our premiere premium testosterone booster designed to provide the strongest testosterone boosting uplift with numerous patented ingredients. So Essentially, SUP3R PCT for recovery, TEST1FY for the best of the muscle building and testosterone boosting world, and K1NGS blood for the maximum uplift of natural testosterone boosting.

Do I need to cycle off of K1NGS BLOOD?

We recommend using K1NGS Blood for a maximum of 12-16 weeks before taking a 4 week break before running it again.

Can I stack K1NGS BLOOD, TEST1FY, and SUP3R PCT?

The answer is YES. Stacking all 3 will provide the maximum uplift and experience of benefits described above in testosterone boosting and muscle building.

As a test booster, is K1NGS BLOOD safe for women?

Yes! K1NGS BLOOD absolutely has benefits for women, including hormonal optimization, mood, cortisol control, stress relief, and libido. This is useful for women anytime, but may especially be helpful with periods of natural decline in female hormone production due to aging or other issues. Many women may find that K1NGS BLOOD alone is sufficient for PCT, depending on what was used on-cycle and their blood panel.

Is K1NGS BLOOD suitable for drug tested athletes?

The banned substance list is updated regularly and we cannot guarantee certain ingredients won’t return a false positive test. We recommend checking with your governing body before using K1NGS BLOOD.

Do i need to take anything once I come off K1NGS BLOOD??

No. K1NGS Blood is a non-suppressive product. When cycling off of it, you can enjoy utilizing our other muscle builders to give your body a break from our testosterone boosters.



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