SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)

SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
SUPERIOR PROTEIN (Pay as you go)
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At a Glance


We all workout to reach our goals whether that may be getting faster, stronger, or leaner. But did you know the odds are that you're actually wasting your workout and maybe even taking steps backwards in reaching your goals? Enter this crucial period known as the post-workout period. It is in this 30 minute "do or die" window that you either progress or regress towards your goals.

Exercising creates tiny tears in your muscle fibers that need to be repaired in order to recover, replenish, and grow, which can only be accomplished with a quick digesting form of protein since this post workout window is so narrow. Your body desperately needs protein in this narrow window of time in order to repair and actually cause muscle growth/strength, enter WHY you need a post-workout protein like ours. You will want it because it is so multi-faceted and multi-purposed fulfilling all your needs and wants.

This isn’t just your average protein powder you’ve seen a million times. Superior Protein is a specific blend of two types of proteins, rich in amino acids and nutrients, designed to give you immediate, but also long-lasting support. We’ve also enhanced this formula with scientifically-proven ingredients to help enhance protein synthesis, improve digestion, and speed up recovery.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have worked tirelessly to provide you the BEST TASTING protein powder on the planet, with game-changing flavors and real cereal pieces that won’t add any unnecessary calories to your day!


  • Post Workout

  • Before Bed

  • Between Meals

  • Breakfast Replacement

  • Extra Meals


  • Bodybuilder

  • Athlete

  • Active

  • Beginner Weightloss

  • Male

  • Female


Benefits of Whey Protein

  • Strengthen a poor diet
  • Quick and convenient nutrition
  • Faster recovery after workouts
  • Build muscle and increase energy
  • Rich in amino acids for a wide range of benefits

Benefits of Casein:

  • Slower digestion gives long lasting benefits
  • Leaves you feeling fuller than regular whey
  • Rich in Glutamine which is critical for the immune system

Lack of protein can lead to:

  • Increased snacking
  • Poor nail/hair health
  • Lack of energy
  • Loss of muscle mass and strength

What Makes us Superior?

The Blend

We’ve combined the high-quality Whey Protein Concentrate for quick acting benefits for after your workout, and also Casein which ensures you won’t run out of nutrients to fuel your body.

The Protein Boosters

Velositol which has been scientifically proven to dramatically increase Muscle Protein Synthesis when combined with whey protein. Velositol essentially DOUBLES the power of your protein so not only do you get better results, you also save money!


None of this truly matters unless the body is absorbing these nutrients properly, so we have also included DigiZyme which is a unique blend of digestive enzymes that has been proven to aid and increase the absorption of nutrients, so you can be sure you are getting all the benefits out of this product. It is absolutely critical that the body begins to absorb protein immediately after your workout, so you can be sure you are getting everything you need with this formula.


You won’t find a better tasting protein powder ANYWHERE! We’ve created flavors that will not only satisfy your cravings, but will also fit perfectly into any healthy meal plan. All the taste with none of the calories!

Behind The Label

The Story of superior Protein

Gaia, the Mother of All Life, watches over her chosen King as he prepares for battle against those who would see him fall. The only thing separating the King from the demons that seek to stop him is the Warp Gate. The Warp Gate leads to another dimension, one of purity and enlightenment. With the signal from the King, the Guardians prepare to open the Warp Gate and put into motion the ultimate battle.

It is this inspiration that has spawned Superior Protein. A synergistic bond between two pure beings seeking refuge in the next dimension after battling through a sea of evil. Only by boldly forging ahead can enlightenment be achieved.

How To Use

“When is the BEST time to take it?”

Post workout is an ideal time because of the body’s need for nutrients to repair the muscle tissue. As soon as your workout stops, your body is trying to rebuild, so the sooner you flood it with healthy nutrients and protein, the more efficient the recovery process will be.

However, it’s not the ONLY time you can utilize Superior Protein

Here are a few different scenarios:


During the night, your body is going through all kinds of crazy processes, recovering and repairing your body and your mind. What a great opportunity to feed it some extra nutrients! A shake before bed is a very popular time.

With Meals

Most of us just don’t get the daily nutrition we need so protein shakes provide a perfect addition to a regular diet.

Extra Meals

Some people just can’t gain weight (they are out there!) so they constantly feed themselves. That often leads to poor choices in diet, so a shake is again a perfect alternative.


What makes SUPERIOR PROTEIN better than other proteins on the market?

SUPERIOR PROTEIN uses a fully-disclosed blend of casein and whey, which is better for muscle protein synthesis than whey alone. Furthermore, we have included Velositol® and PharmaGABA® to even further amplify protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy. Finally, SUPERIOR PROTEIN contains Digezyme® to help with digestion, so no more bloating or running to the bathroom!

What is the difference between the Muscle Building Edition and Non-PharmaGABA® Edition of SUPERIOR PROTEIN?

The Muscle Building Edition of SUPERIOR PROTEIN includes PharmaGABA®, a high-quality, naturally-sourced GABA. PharmaGABA has been shown to increase lean mass gain when combined with whey. Both editions of SUPERIOR PROTEIN will amplify your gains versus a regular whey, but the Muscle Building Edition is for those heroes who are seeking that little bit extra!

I am lactose intolerant, can I use SUPERIOR PROTEIN?

SUPERIOR PROTEIN uses a blend of whey protein concentrate and micellar casein, so it does include some lactose. However, due to the Digezyme®, some people who have trouble digesting lactose may be just fine with SUPERIOR PROTEIN.

That sounds great but is it safe?

Superior Protein is 100% safe and free of banned substances. The bottom line is we only make products that we would use ourselves. We are customers just like you and if it isn’t good enough for us, we won’t sell it to you.

Will taking whey protein make women big and bulky?

Absolutely not! Real muscle building is a long, difficult process. You don’t pack on muscle just from grabbing a dumbbell and sipping a protein shake!

Superior Protein can be utilized by ANYONE. It’s safe, it’s effective, and it’s healthy. Superior Protein takes this outdated process and pushes it to the next level to improve your workouts and your overall health.



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